Renaissance Rail - INSTALLATION pictures from Project: RenRail-1135 in Millgrove, ON

RenRail-1135-D – Installation Pictures

“Installation” pictures of new base shoe railings and glass, being installed after removing a failed base shoe railing installed by another company, in Millgrove, ON.

The original glass panels were shifting in the base shoe, causing them to touch each other and break.

Renaissance Rail was hired to remove and replace these faulty base shoe and glass railings. 

Project Details

Railing Type:Stainless Steel and Glass Railings
Railing Style:Base Shoe
Site Setting:Pool Patio
City:Millgrove, ON
Railing Color:Silver
Posts:Base Shoe
Post Details:
Panel Details:Pictures Installing New Railings and Glass
Features:Installed on aluminum spacer shims, to level the base shoe and provide water drainage.

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