Renaissance Rail stainless steel glass railings, base shoe, with stained oak handrail, on basement stairs in Burlington, ON

RenRail-1115 – Stainless Steel Glass Railings

Stainless steel glass railings installed on basement stairs in Burlington, ON. The project features an oak handrail, stained dark brown.

The tempered glass panels are 12 mm thick, with 1/8″ radius corners. The rounded, radius corners eliminate the sharp corners, making them more comfortable and durable.

Project Details

Railing Type:Stainless Steel and Glass Railings
Railing Style:Base Shoe with Square Oak Handrails
Site Setting:Interior Stairs
City:Burlington, ON
Railing Color:Silver Base Shoe and Dark Brown Handrail
Posts:Base Shoe
Post Details:Stringer Mounted Base Shoe
Panel Details:Glass Panels with 1/8" Radius Corners
Features:Shaped Glass Panels, with Glass Mounted Handrails.

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